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Dark Feminine Secrets

Subliminal+ Pack: Personalization + Booster + Free Tarot Reading (LIMITED)

Subliminal+ Pack: Personalization + Booster + Free Tarot Reading (LIMITED)

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This is a limited-edition pack (will disappear soon), designed to help you get the most out of your subliminal tracks.

IMPORTANT: Only purchase this if you already have a subliminal track (or while purchasing a subliminal track from our store). This pack does NOT come with the initial subliminal track. To pick your subliminal(s), visit our SUBLIMINALS catalog.

(Delivered to your email within 48 hours!)

“I can't believe how fast it all manifested!”


•Get your subliminal customized to your name, specific affirmations & desire.
•This will help the effects manifest faster, fuller & more powerfully.
Any custom affirmation or goal can be added to the subliminal, as long as it's relevant.
•You can target a specific person, desire, emotion, goal, look, or feeling.
•It will belong only and fully to you, you can use it successfully forever.

+ comes with a FREE 1-Question Tarot Reading!

*This is a limited-time offer that can disappear anytime*



•Every subliminal track from the Dark Feminine Secrets store comes with a how-to & instructions guide booklet (you'll receive it with your subliminal track to your email address). You can find the specifics inside.



Our subliminals are charged powerfully and created with the latest relevant technology (frequency/Hz). No belief, extra method, or technique is needed for this to work fully!

🔞18+ Only

🎧Follow the Subliminal instructions correctly.

⚠️Use at your own risk! Effects' success might overwhelm you.

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