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Dark Feminine Secrets

Intoxicating Aura & Attention Magnet Subliminal

Intoxicating Aura & Attention Magnet Subliminal

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Custom & powerfully charged subliminal track, designed to make you attract all the (desired) attention you want, from anyone.

This track will help you be the center of attention everywhere you go & turn heads everywhere. You’ll have extra powerful pretty privileges & star advantages from now on.

“She attracts all the attention.. She’s the star.”

Attract all the (wanted) attention to your life: Walking on the street, in the office, at school, in clubs, restaurants, and even in grocery stores..
•You attract only the best people that suit your desires, needs & wants. You’re protected from bad, negative, creepy people & men.
•Be the center of attention. People like, love, are interested in, listen to, respect, and care for you. They are open & giving towards you.
•You attract positive surprises, opportunities, people, and experiences. You have the aura & beauty privilege that only a very rare % of women have.
•You can turn this on and off as you wish throughout the day.


  • While listening to the track, visualize you smoothly flying low around the city & area where you live. Vividly imagine everyone turning their heads, fixating their attention on you & you absorbing their whole positive energy. This makes their energy increase and yours, multiply. Imagine your aura being liquid gold and people being attracted to it, and you know how valuable it is. Feel it deeply & vividly. Before you finish, let go of everything and continue the day as if nothing happened – do not (energetically or literally) ask for reactions & they will appear.



You can listen to this track throughout the day, it’s recommended to have people around you – but pay ZERO attention to them, just acknowledge their energy & focus on yourself and let the sub work.

This is a powerfully charged subliminal. No belief, extra method, or technique is needed for this to work fully.

🔞18+ Only

🎧Do NOT listen to it more than 2-3 times per day.

⚠️Use at your own risk!
Too much attention can be overwhelming, especially for introverts.
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