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Dark Feminine Secrets

Obsessive Love & Powerful Lust Subliminal

Obsessive Love & Powerful Lust Subliminal

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Custom & powerfully charged subliminal track, designed to bind a specific person (or your ideal partner) to you with obsessive, lustful love.

They will be all over you, can’t resist you, will think of you all day, and will fall in love with you, deeply.

“He’s obsessed with her! They’re so happy together..”

Get your desired person, make your ex come back, or manifest your ideal perfect lover very fast.
They can’t stop thinking about you 24/7 – receive text messages, they initiate contact, call you.
•Make them fall in love with you & lust over you, obsessively.
•Extremely successful, healthy, happy, fulfilling relationship.
Geniune connection, pure love, strong & unbreakable bond.


  • If you have a specific person in mind: While listening to the track, visualize the person as if they’re right here, imagine a beautiful, vivid, red-colored cord is forming and growing between you two.
  • If you want to manifest your dream love, not a specific person: While listening to the track, visualize a group of men that has a quality you love about them each (one is hard-working, other one is handsome, etc). Then imagine all of these men merging into a single man – visualize that man in detail & invite him into your life with your energy.
  • If you want to make your ex come back crawling: While listening to the track, visualize the person vividly, imagine their aura filling with yours & they happily move around immersed in it.



The best time to listen to is at night when you’re alone & won’t be distracted by anyone or anything.

This is a powerfully charged subliminal. No belief, extra method, or technique is needed for this to work fully.

🔞18+ Only

🎧Do NOT listen to it more than 2-3 times per day.

⚠️Use at your own risk!
Obsessive love can be overwhelming, consuming, and even dangerous.

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