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Dark Feminine Secrets

Effortless Money, Success & Infinite Abundance Subliminal

Effortless Money, Success & Infinite Abundance Subliminal

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Custom & powerfully charged subliminal track, designed to make you attract success, money, achievement, wins, promotion, and amazing opportunities in life.

Crush your opponents, remove blockages, repel people with bad intentions, and remove obstacles & challenges in your life to achieve & earn the respect and admiration of people around you.

“She never chases & always wins!”

Attain every success, win & achievement you desire magically: Personal, professional, at school, dreams, money, competitions..
•You always attract all the unexpected, crazy positive opportunities, wins & achievements. People are surprised by your abilities.
•Extremely powerful abundance, prosperity, money magnet.
•Bad luck, opponents, challenges, and obstacles are removed completely.
•You are a highly skilled leader, high motivation with laser focus ability, a strategic mind & a winner’s mindset.


  • While listening to the track, visualize yourself in your ideal workspace (a penthouse in a 100-story building, a villa in Portofino, or your current workspace – pick your favorite scene!), with a pen and paper in front of you. Look around, imagine it all very vividly, as if it’s all real. Write down 1-3 goals on the paper in front of you, then imagine yourself moving from that workspace to the goal’s scene (if one goal is getting A+, imagine yourself receiving an email with the grades and you getting an A+, if it’s making $1,000,000, imagine your phone ringing & bank calling to inform you that a big deposit was made!). Imagine it all vividly every day, preferably multiple times until it manifests. When it does, cross it off the list while visualizing & replace it with a new one. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll gain momentum and wins will follow wins!



You can listen to this track throughout the day, or at night. Preferably before you start working/studying, so you can use the sub’s energy to work or study.

This is a powerfully charged subliminal. No belief, extra method, or technique is needed for this to work fully.

🔞18+ Only

🎧Do NOT listen to it more than 2-3 times per day.

⚠️Use at your own risk!
Quick & big wins and achievements can spoil you and make you too comfortable.
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